Documentary theater about the Palestinian Issue, by Adeline Rosenstein

Rosenstein is a global citizen with a passion for documentary theatre. Along with five companions and the audience she heads off in pursuit of the ever-escaping truth. ‘Décris-Ravage’ is teaching, testifying, reading, translating and discussing the translation. Perspectives shift, relativism dissolves. What remains is intelligent, tender and humorous theatre, unique of its kind.

Originally from Switzerland, Adeline Rosenstein studied in Jerusalem and Berlin, worked in Buenos Aires and currently lives in Brussels. In her work she focuses on topical socio-political situations such as asylum seekers and women’s rights. Her latest show, ‘Décris-Ravage’, was issued in comic book form in 2016 by the Atrabile publishing company.


German by nationality, Adeline Rosenstein was raised in Geneva, studied in Jerusalem and Berlin, and has worked between Buenos Aires, Berlin and Brussels. She trained as a clown under Pierre Dubey in Geneva, as an actor at the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in Jerusalem, and as a theatre director at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. Since the early 2000s she has been working on documentary creation.

Based mainly on interviews and factual material produced by academics, her work deals with subjects as diverse as male Eastern European workers in Berlin, German Jewish exiles in Argentina during the last dictatorship and the history of what experts have to say about trafficking in women. She also works with associations, running radio workshops with a women’s literacy project, and collaborates with other artists as an actor, dramaturge and translator.

Technical Informations

Décris-ravage is a form of theatre-lecture with a simple and uncluttered stage device: between 4 and 7 doors serve as tables or walls, with trestles and boxes to rest them on, a musical instrument and amplification provided by the company, and possibly a dance mat.

The lighting comprises diffuse floodlights, down lights and reflective panels made from extruded polystyrene spread out across the stage and in the theatre. A light plot adapted to your venue can quickly be developed.

We can adapt to all kinds of stages, including unusual venues (conference rooms, marquees etc. but not outdoors). The space must have the right acoustics and be bare without curtains. Adaptations may require an additional day of rehearsals.

Capacity: 50 to 300 people

7 people on tour
Set up and rehearsals the day before the performance
Running time:
 the show consists of six 30-minute episodes with short five-minute breaks between each episode and one interval.
episodes 1# to 6# : 4 hours with an interval
episodes translated in english : #1 & 2 & epilogue 2 hours